Automatically add late fees to your Xero invoices with Late Chaser

Xero add-on that will add late fees to your invoices automatically.

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Late Chaser will help you get your invoices paid faster through automatically adding late fees and interest payments to your invoices.

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How Xero + Late Chaser helps you get paid faster

  1. Connect Xero + Late Chaser together.
  2. Inside Late Chaser, setup your late payment penalities, either a flat late fee or accured interest on your overdue invoices.
  3. Late Chaser will detect overdue invoices in Xero and automatically add your penalty onto your invoice inside of Xero and reissue it to your client.
  4. Your clients will then be notifed of the penalty via a new Xero invoice.
  5. Over 9/10 promptly pay when issued a penatly.
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Automatic late fee added to invoices

Customisable penalty periods

Customised options for each client/customer

Xero Integration

Waive penalties in a click if necessary

Get paid on time, every time

Why Late Chaser?

  1. You want to charge penalties for overdue invoices.
  2. You want more reliable and stress-free cashflow.
  3. You don’t want to waste time manually adding penalties to invoices.
  4. You want to automate your late fee or interest calculations on your Xero invoices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Late Chaser work specifically?
Does Late Chaser integrate with Xero?
How do you connect Late Chaser with Xero?
What data is shared between Late Chaser and Xero?
How does Late Chaser work specifically?

Once you connect you connect your Xero account and Late Chaser together, you can setup your preferences for penalties, either a flat late fee or interest calculation.

You can setup a grace period before penalties are charged, and you can also waive fees and reissue invoices if nessessary.

You’re also able to setup a whitelist of contacts who do not get issued any late fees.

Does Late Chaser integrate with Xero?

Yes, Late Chaser is a Xero Authorised app. You can connect Late Chaser to your Xero account and Late Chaser will automatically add late fees or interest to your Xero invoices based on your specific preferences.

How do you connect Late Chaser with Xero?

You can easily connect Late Chaser to Xero in just a few steps;

  1. Sign up to Late Chaser here with your Xero account.
  2. Connect and authorise Late Chaser inside of your Xero account.
  3. Thats it, you’re connected and ready charge penalties.
What data is shared between Late Chaser and Xero?

Late Chaser and Xero share the below data between one another;

  • Pulls Xero Contacts
  • Pulls Xero Category mappings
  • Posts Invoices to Xero


With such large invoice amounts, adding interest to our payments has been a really good way for us to manage our cashflow and get paid on time.

Brad Kuhlmey

The Hamilton Group

Accounts receivable used to have an average overdue age of 21 days, now we’re at 4. The results speak for themselves.

David McCarthy

David McCarthy Plumbing

Our invoices used to go unpaid for weeks, now a few days is rare. Late Chaser has been a game-changer for us.

Alex Hamilton

CEO of Paintvine

Never let another invoice go overdue again

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